2015 Ford Focus 1.0 EcoBoost Review

The Ford Focus has always been an important vehicle on the automaker’s lineup. Find below the fusion and above the fiesta it’s just that every man’s car that gets you from point a to point B. 2015 they’ve redesigned it with a much more aggressive styling which falls in line with the Ford evokes 1. Ford theme up front we have sleeker headlights and a grill that resembles, more of the fusion making it more in line with the rest of the Ford family out back we have a new set of tail lights and inside everything’s, been retouched thing gone over for a simpler more direct and just a better overall feel. So 1 of the things that Ford is trying to push with the 2015 focus is value in this car right here is something special because under the hood we have a 1 liter 3 cylinder turbocharged ecoboost motor that gets a combined 35 miles per gallon. Info about 2015 Ford Focus headlights read at link http://delight-style.com/ford-focus/headlights.html.

2015 Ford Focus 1.0

Now the way to get your hands on one of these special eco boost models you need to start with an S. C. either hatch back or sedan the mid grade model and for extra $1450 you get a set a 17 inch wheels and tires a rear spoiler and most importantly a 3 cylinder one liter turbocharged engine. Now by no means is the 2015 focus a gigantic car but the backseat is adequate enough for someone of my size even when I’m sitting up front now I’ve been in the back of a Ford fusion and it feels even more cramped in this car despite the size and he had a pair of somewhat hidden storage compartments as well. Up front for to spend a lot of time making the driver’s seat a place where you actually want to spend a lot of time now first off they start off with the revised steering wheel a lot less complicated a lot fewer buttons and just a really nice grip and feel. Center stack is equally band. Less complicated. Gone are all of the buttons for a simple layout. More refined less buttons that you don’t need more knobs were you do need them but overall just a better experience. One thing that you’ll notice right off the bat cross shopping the one leader you go booze verses the stock to leader. Actually aspirated version. Is that the one leaders got plenty of help.

interior Ford Focus

It’s her vote it’s a small 3 cylinder but it’s available only with a manual transmission which means that gives you the option of keeping it up in the years and to be honest with you it feels like there’s less weight over the front end and the engine just wants to read that wants to go a lot more than the naturally aspirated force on there even though that’s a much bigger motor. Now the biggest advantage of the one their ego boost is having a combined average fuel economy of 35 miles per gallon which is better by far than the naturally aspirated version. Ford made a big deal about how much they’ve put into these cars in order to refine them and make them more fun to drive first of all the seating position is excellent the way that steering wheels fits in your hands the just soft supple groups it’s nice it makes you want to grab it and drive it to push it more and just having this turbo charge one leader with a manual. It makes a pretty fun.

Chrysler Voyager 2004 seater – review

My name is Philip Tarrant and today we have a few of 2004. Posla Voyager. This particular car is the limited. And it’s got the basics petrol engine. So since this was the top of the line to the time taught beautiful alloy wheels. Full leather. Climate control electric seats memory seats. Heated seats. And the list goes on. It’s even got a latrine does. Of the 7 states captain’s chair is.

Chrysler Voyager 2004All in very very good condition especially for family com. It’s very rare to see Khan. Like the snow 72000 climate is in such good condition. At the click of a button. Adult clauses. So the great if you got a family you know if you’ve got a couple of kids. And you’re running around. You can they just pressed about intellectual the doors are closed. It’s got front and rear parking sensors this call. Nice new led Chrysler Grand Voyager headlights. The state’s fall down. I think that might even come out it does have its Jack everything president. It’s gonna read Davey day file I merely for family some on this really is very very good value especially consider what my costume. And second hand whether it’s a limited top the range or by 6 sort of model. And doesn’t change my huge difference the process we was thank you much better off buying the better com.

Luckily much about this one even alloy wheels are in perfect condition. The body is in good condition. It’s easier access. As David a plan out there it’s easier now back. So they kept. Chase they very. Very comfortable. So. I get. Save money. What It’s it’s got power windows. Stuck city. Jules on climate control I mention this what hated seats. Cruise control. Database they fully loaded at the time. It’s got let the states. Describe the amount actually much Asian a cleaning cloth we spill something you can quite simply just walk it off. So it’s very sensible for Famicom.

So if you have been looking at for family time particular organ looking avoid gym teacher would actually think. Come and have a look at this car within the represent excellent value if well tough luck this calm. Of ultra reliable. So where they’ll Thomas into. Well I can imagine you in Sydney. And we certainly do look forward to hearing from.

Hyundai Sonata Headlight Assembly Replacement – 2014

2014 hyundai sonata headlightsI mean do a quick video on how to change a headlight assembly on 2014 Hyundai Sonata. They replace the headlight assembly. On the passenger side but the driver side is original and so little frosty. And together. You can really tell and I’ve taken the time to clean up the driver side with insect repellent. And it helped a lot because it was a lot more cloudy but it still did look that great. Quick search on Amazon.com. You know they will get a new driver’s side 2014 Hyundai Sonata headlights
assembly for $70 delivered so here we go. That’s what the assembly looks like with the hood open. Thanks basically gonna use the new one. Show me. Know where the screws are. See the. The top 2 Looks like there may be something. Down here as well.

So those are just 3 points a couple. The things that don’t want to come off because this is a note to. I mean these are about. I know remedial for many people already know that. For those of you who don’t. That. Easy way to remember that a longer day after to reach down. They give the third. 4 remove them. And then a look inside I feel that I will plug here side marker lights. That has a wire that the pictures up here. The 2 things that jumped out. Take a look at the a new one. See what will be at. It’s a little like this in the past when here. An attachment here.

I don’t know this is like a breather. And the staff. Condensation inside so protective debt to plug. And throw me to do would remove this plug in. Just plug from the old one right now. And no. Remove the screws all 3 of them. And then a week without. It has everything to lose. And that’s not. It’s a good time to check to make sure that the plastic. Molding here is not. These pictures of the plastic moldings nonfat hinged on the runway. I noticed that the other side has the things sort of issue. Here no big deal. I’m going to turn on the light to make sure that they work. You. So that is the focus of their IBM. This is our regular like. I think it’s working. Okay so now that I’ve affair by the late work nights despite those 3 bolts down.

We take them down but no it’s not don’t crank up too much there’s a washer here and these are just. Some cheap plastic so give me a little bit of room for expansion and contraction. And I’m gonna shut the hood make sure it fits. Okay just like that the one thing I want to point out before. Let you go It is. If I can get this. Show. But it’s a little more visible on his headlamp here. But that is not. A crack that is apparently how the mold is. Headlamp assembly so like I said I was on the old one. It’s on the new one that means I know it’s not from stress fracture. And. Unit of this. On your own facility or hope this video hope you to accomplish what you need to get the.

The correct choice of engine oil

Absolutely all drivers periodically faced with the need to replace oil in the engine of his car.

The correct choice of engine oilThe main objective of motor oil is lubrication of the internal parts of the engine. Furthermore, additional functions of oil are the absorption and retention of fuel combustion and fine particles of metal chips products, partial cooling and purification of the engine, protection from corrosion.

There are many oil producers, such as SHELL, MOBIL, XADO, Grom-ex, TEXACO, GULF, ELF, LOTOS, CASTROL, jb-germanoil, MOSTELA. If there is a large variety of selection of engine oil you should start by reviewing the recommendations of the manufacturer of your car.

We can recommend during a run of the car less than 25% of the planned resources (new engine) to use oil of classes SAE 5W30 or 10W30 all season; with mileage of cars 25-75% of the target resource is most advisable to use in summer thee oil of classes SAE 10W40, 15W40, in winter 5W30 and 10W30 and all seasons – SAE 5W40; when the vehicle has mileage of more than 75% of the planned resource it is recommend the use of summer classes of oil SAE 15W40 and 20W40, in winter – SAE 5W40 and SAE 10W40, and in all seasons – SAE 5W40.

Chevrolet captiva

Chevrolet captivaThe updated Chevrolet Captiva 2014 was first presented in March 2013 at the motor show in Geneva.

The last restyling was superficial and touched only the exterior design and interior decoration, and then only slightly. At first glance, the changes of Chevrolet Captiva are visible only on the front of the car where there is a new grille, bumper and headlights.

The list of specifications of diesel versions of Chevrolet Captiva was also extended; it included a version of LT+ (in the five-seat version) and LT – (in the seven-seat one). All of them are equipped with the 2.2-litre diesel engine capacity of 184 HP, with a torque of 400 Nm achieved at 2000 Rev/min.

It is now possible to find dual-zone climate control and heated seats in the back row in Chevrolet Captiva LT, and also high technology lights as Cruze led headlights. In the case of automatic transmission it was added an engine start button and the auto access without a key. In some cases, you can order a black leather interior.

Preparation of a car for sale.

Preparation of a car for saleCar sales – this is not an easy thing. A car preparation for the sale is still quite a laborious process, may take a couple of days.

Appearance of the car is very important for you, if you want to sell the car quickly.
Drive the vehicle at a car wash, wash the car body, not forgetting such secluded areas like wheel arches, for removing lighter impurities clean the body of the car from the spot of bitumen in the garage. Remove the tar spots from wheels. Wash all glass with household glass cleaner.

Rub body by special polish. It will give extra shine, hide small scratches and visual paint update. To hide small scratches on the cars of dark color better, use color renewing polish.

Wash rims from dirt by special cleaners. To make tires an attractive and fresh appearance, wash them, and rub the polish for the interior. Headlamps and lights of the car must not be haze or dirt inside. Check all lights.