Preparation of a car for sale.

Preparation of a car for saleCar sales – this is not an easy thing. A car preparation for the sale is still quite a laborious process, may take a couple of days.

Appearance of the car is very important for you, if you want to sell the car quickly.
Drive the vehicle at a car wash, wash the car body, not forgetting such secluded areas like wheel arches, for removing lighter impurities clean the body of the car from the spot of bitumen in the garage. Remove the tar spots from wheels. Wash all glass with household glass cleaner.

Rub body by special polish. It will give extra shine, hide small scratches and visual paint update. To hide small scratches on the cars of dark color better, use color renewing polish.

Wash rims from dirt by special cleaners. To make tires an attractive and fresh appearance, wash them, and rub the polish for the interior. Headlamps and lights of the car must not be haze or dirt inside. Check all lights.